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Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #11 – NAFTA

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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Long time no post! Oh, right… that’s MY bad.

Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and in case you’re payin attention, Dan and I BOTH lost the bet. HAHA!  ENJOY!

Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #11 – NAFTA


Sound Quality

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Just a heads up that we ARE aware that the sound SUCKED on #1.  We are looking into getting some new stuff that will eliminate that shitty recorder we use now so please be patient. I’m hoping that by the end of April we will say so long to that nasty thing we use now but for the moment we will do our best (and that means KC needs to get his editing SHIT together) to keep as much noise and distortion out of the audio.

Thanks! KC and Bigg Sexy