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Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #34 – Cliffhanger Pt 2

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Hello all again!!! It hasn’t even been a MONTH! Here’s the second part of the show from 2 weeks ago!

We can’t wait til Feb so that we can get to the non-sleepy, non-boring shows!!!

Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #34 – Cliffhanger Pt2





Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #16 – The Left Shoe Drops

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Hello all you fine and wonderful folks! Here’s the latest and greatest with special (not the short-bus kind of special) guest Left Shoe.

Please email or on Twitter: @DouchebagRadio

Voicemails are now being accepted (listen carefully to the end of the show!)  206-350-9813

Please visit for the Kitty Meow ringtone in the about KC section! Also leave your feedback in iTunes, we need more 5-stars!

Please ENJOY and if you do TELL A FRIEND!!!  Hey Douchebag! (Radio) – Show #16 – The Left Shoe Drops


Hey, Douchebag!

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This is the future home of Hey Douchebag! (Radio)! Details are still being worked out so hang in there if you’re interested.

The hosts will be KC and Bigg Sexy from Phoenix AZ, and we have been best friends since 9th grade. BS is currently in school to be a chef, and KC is an Over the road trucker and will be recording from the truck. This is just something we want to do for fun and also to talk shit about things. So hopefully you’ll find it entertaining. If not, you can eat a cock.

If you want to say something go ahead and comment or send an electronical mail to

KC & Bigg Sexy

PS- While we’re not on, check out The Mediocre Show, SModcast, Obviously Oblivious, The Geek Show and I Know Everything. All of these shows are unbelievably hilarious. Do it. Now.
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