An RUC by definition is a Random Underwear Check. This is where you take a picture of the underwear you are currently wearing and send it to, and we will post them here.

Here’s the story behind the origins:
Back when I was a cook at Chili’s the people I worked with liked to party. And I would host a lot of these parties and sometimes there would be drinking games that ended in nudity, and by sometimes I mean every time. Some (or most) wouldn’t make it home or get a ride to there late night booty call and then go straight into work the next morning. So, I would call out (randomly) “let’s see who made it home!” and then people would show their panties/boxers to prove they went home. Well once I left there, coworkers said they missed the RUC’s so I just started calling them out to mark special occasions, bad days, or just whenever, by text.

It can be the side, the top, the bottom, the front, the back or whatever you want as long as it has any part of you in it. G to X rating accepted (the latter is encouraged).  Either way have fun with it.  I’ve had people send me a picture of a blank wall and call out “I got nothing” (they were going comando) or pictures of shower heads(they were going into the shower).  So have fun and lets get the RUC thing spread out!

– BS

New RUCs!!!

thats how I do it when I'm @ school in the bathroom and an RUC is called!


Very nice and sick tat, can't wait for it to be done


Nice and green for St. Patty's Day


2 Responses to “RUC’s”

  1. I get all of it except KC? whats that about?

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