Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #32 – Care Bear Stare!

Hello all,

Thanks for sticking with us! A new voice and some old audio issues!

Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #32 – Care Bear Stare!

Enjoy it if you can!



One Response to “Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #32 – Care Bear Stare!”

  1. Gangster voices at the beginning were epic I couldn’t stop laughing…which is bad cause I listen to you at work.

    I think you need to quit your bitch and give it to care bare for sinking the titanic….how many people came even close to what she did, let alone a female. I think someone needs to clean there vagina and get over it. Not a tie – she wins. 😛

    BTW anyone remember the hot wheels conversation that night?

    KC is sooo fcking angry, if big sexy doesn’t learn to talk into the mic its going to end up his ass! lol

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