Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #05 – Cabbie & Sleepy

Not our best show ever. Bigg Sexy gets a little too tired for his own good.

KC recounts stories of cab driving.

Pay particular attention around the 1hr, 27 min mark for Dan’s sleep talking

Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #05 – Cabbie & Sleepy


5 Responses to “Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #05 – Cabbie & Sleepy”

  1. You guys are great! There are at least 3 places to ski in Arizona…snowbowl up just north of flagstaff, sunrise in the white mountains and there is a place down in the mountains by Tucson!
    And you haven’t scared me away..I love listening..I even recruited my niece!!!

  2. Minnesota Says:

    I thought you would like to know somewhere around hour and thirty mins or so I NEEDED a bowl of capn crunch… so I went to the kitchen and, yes, it was satisfying, I’d even say #1! Thanks!

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