Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #02 – Ye Olde Effed Up Faire

Woo hoo!!! We have officially solved the shitty sound quality!

Please enjoy this new installment:

Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #02 – Ye Olde Effed Up Faire

No new names for Minnesota
Shower intercoms
Bolls & Twilight
BS in tights
Chupacabra and Ben Rothlisberger
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4 Responses to “Hey Douchebag! (Radio) Show #02 – Ye Olde Effed Up Faire”

  1. Minnesota Says:

    I have some additional key points:

    1. This is not a recent occurrence that BS wears women’s tights, this has been going on for years! I know for a fact you used to borrow a certain someone’s things that shall remain nameless.

    2. You both have old saggy balls!!! I am not a cougar!!!! I am 21, have been for years, and will be until I die. – DeNile is a beautiful state, all are welcome.

    3. I understand that you are used to seeing me in wife beaters and low rise jeans, get over it my sweater is ADORABLE and not a parka, poncho, or afghan.

    4. Don’t make fun of the pigment challenged. Pasty is the new tan.

    — You guys are hilarious keep it up!

    Minnesota aka Young McHottie

    • Okay all I have to say to that whole rant is HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DOUCHE BAG! lmfao Your lucky we love you. And keep my cross dressing history alone! You KNOW it was hott then as it is now! As for you in your parka and in your dress pants and granny panties, you can go hang with Sarah Palin get your soccer mom on!

      Bigg Sexy

      • Minnesota Says:

        Granny panties????? You know better than that! LMAO… It is a good thing I still care about you guys – And thanks, I did NOT vote Obama!

  2. How the hell do i let someone go to the Ren Fair without dressing up!!!! This is old and u might not see this but WTF!! U failed……

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